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  Family of David Burcham - Nini Riggs Sister-In-Law
  Megan Kokott - Nini's Granddaughter
  Becky Peterson - Nini's Granddaughter
  Pastor Paul -Health Issues
  Sheree Jernigan — Friend of the Gilbert’s - Motorcycle Accident
  Gaylon Hall - Wes Hall’s Dad—Stage 4 Lung Cancer
  Sandra Nery Acuna - Cici’s Mom—Health Issues
  Bobby Jones - Audrey’s Brother—Health Issues
  FCC - Baytown
  Betty Burcham - Nini Riggs Sister-In-Law - Very Ill
  Catherine Kilburn
  The Hine Family - Friends of the Kilburn’s
  The Sorrell’s Families - Family of the Kilburn’s
  John Everett-Noby Booth's Son-in-Law
  John Stack and Family
  Brenda Cooper-Health Issues
  Gloria Bridges
  Minetta Dickerson
  Jessie Raney
  Nini Riggs
  Jimmy Cherry
  Willena Cherry
  Chris Pilkerton
  Jayme Smith-Needs Prayers
  All people affected by Recent Natural Disasters
  All Travelers Everywhere
  Our Nation, Leaders and Military Personnel