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  Pastor Paul−Health Issues
  Michelle Lyle−Stage 4 Cancer−Friend of Kirsten Jackson
  Bonnie Gilbert−Knee Problems
  Randy Beckmann−Rusti's Brother−Heart Issues
  Kara Quinton Johnston
  Kinderella Sparks−Friend of the Turner's−3 yrs old
  Megan Kokott−Nini's Granddaugher−Recovering from Surgery
  Gaylon Hall−Wes Hall's Dad−Stage 4 Lung Cancer
  Bobby Jones−Audrey's Brother−Health Issues
  Chandler Boyd−Travelling/Working
  Krista Schou−Nini Rigg's Friend
  Betty Burcham − Nini Riggs Sister−In−Law −Very Ill
  Brent Griffin−Friend of Vicky Plante
  Lil Moorehead − Friend of the Turner's − Very Ill
  Catherine Kilburn
  The Hine Family − Friends of the Kilburn's
  The Sorrell's Families − Family of the Kilburn's
  Malcolm Butler
  Jan Cannon
  Willena & Jimmy Cherry
  Brenda Cooper−Health Issues
  Gloria Bridges
  Minetta Dickerson
  Chris Pilkerton
  Jessie Raney
  Nini Riggs
  FCC−Baytown   All Travelers Everywhere
  Our Nation, All Leaders and Military Personnel

    Homebound & Assisted Living

  Minetta Dickerson—Brookdale Memorial City #2230—Houston
  Jessie Raney—Pelican Bay #222—Beaumont

    Prayer Blanket Ministry

  Andrew Chapman, Audrey Bryant, Gil Fuentes, Lola Putnam,
  Nini Riggs,Rich Sobray, Vickie Ponder, Frances Giles, John Burdynski,
  Lupe Marrufo, MaryAnne Cecil