December 2017

    Dear Friends,

    The season is here! The Christmas season! It is a time of hope, joy, love and peace. It is a time when people seem to be nicer to each other, except Black Friday, helping each other in their plights, and enjoying the company of others. But, when does the Christmas season end? I know when it begins, right after Thanksgiving. Should the Thanksgiving and Christmas ever end? We, as Christians and a nation follow the calendar blindly and too many people ignore the rest of the year.

    As Christmas draws near, our thoughts will be centered around Christ's birth. On the other hand, we cannot forget Christ's death and it seems to be a contradiction.

    Still, the contradiction is not a real one. There was no room for Him at the inn, but there was plenty of room for Him at the cross. His birth was in an ugly place and so was His death. He was born in a borrowed manger, and He was buried in a borrowed tomb.

    There is a great correspondence between these two events in the life of Jesus. We cannot understand one without understanding the other. Through the emblems of the loaf and the cup, we emphasize the end of His life in order to gain a better perspective as we view the beginnings of it on Christmas

        Yours in Christ
        Pastor Mitch