January 2018

    Dear Friends,

    Well, it is that time of year again. The time of year that we all set resolutions for the new year. If you are like me, A new year's resolution will be, if not forgotten, revisited every couple of weeks and a new determination will ensue without much result. So, this year, I will make no new resolution. Instead I will reflect on what I have learned and studied.

    Our own little church is a great place to be. We are a family of believers and we enjoy each other's company. It's true! Which other church is it so hard to get people's attention to start a service on time?

    Hurricane Harvey was and is still a devastating time earlier and many of our friends and neighbors are still hurting and putting their lives together. But, I saw people turning to God for the comfort and help they need.

    The Astros won! It was simply amazing! I never thought I would see the day. I am very proud of the whole team and the uplifting of spirits this past fall.

    However, there is much I have learned and the work we do in our community is more vital than ever. I am talking about the newer generations coming up. As a teen, I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s licenses, but many in the new generation do not mind waiting until they are eighteen or nineteen until they drive. I could hardly wait to get out on my own. But, many of the newer generation want to stay at home as long as they can. They have an aversion to becoming an adult. So many would rather text their friends than go out with them or Watch videos at home then go to a theater. The self-induced introversion develops a lack of social skills and depression per Jean Twenge in her book IGEN.

    What is more alarming is they are not attending religious services and a full one-third say they do not believe in a God. There is a similar decline over the years of young people that say they do not believe the Bible is the word of God. They disassociate from religion and institutions.

     Many people argue that the younger generation is that they are preoccupied with individual choice. From birth, they have been presented with a wide variety of choice from everything from food to gadgets. The younger generation have been bombarded with the notion to look out for themselves and to follow their dreams. The good news is that after a decline that has been going on for more than forty years, young people, people of my age, are still searching for the emptiness they find in their lives. This is where we can still help. By our actions and our active participation in our community and our visibility and confession of our faith these lost souls will find God doing miracles in their lives. He is aware of every person and I believe we are on the cusp of another awakening.

        Yours in Christ
        Pastor Mitch