September 2018

It's the end of summer and the little children (big children too) are back in their places with bright shining faces. The sense of freedom is put on the back burner and the crisp winds of autumn are ahead (maybe, if you're in Southeast Texas they may be deferred).

The summer is almost over. You've done part of your education, but you didn't do all that well – and if you don't get into gear right now you will never have the grades for college.

You're a parent, and suddenly you see that that child of yours is not a child anymore. Others influence him; there are other sources for her mind to draw on. If you are going to shape that character and guide that heart, it may be too late.

You're a man or a woman of a good many years, and you recognize that you have come to a stage in life where there just isn't plenty of time anymore. When I think about being fifty-six years old, and so many of the things I once thought I might do, I know I will never do. I am not sure whether I feel disappointment, or pain, or rage. I only know that I am knocking on the door of the autumn of my life, and I sense some frustration.

I look at all the friends and family that I am surrounded by and I see their lives and know there is something great waiting for me!

Jerimiah says, "Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there?"

No matter how difficult the task we face, The Lord is able to bind up our wounds and comfort the broken-hearted. No matter how late it might be, it is not too late for the Lord to bind our wounds and give us a new life.

Paul says it so wonderfully in the Roman letter, "God is at work in all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose." It may be that I/we mourn the end of our summer, for we are not yet all that we could have been. But come see what God can do! There is a balm; there is a physician.

There is still time to respond; there is new life; there is something more we can be, even at this late date. For because of the empty tomb, I tell you, there is a balm in Gilead, to make the wounded whole; there is a physician there, to heal the sin-sick soul.



        Yours in Christ
        Pastor Mitch